General Policy

General policies are applicable for all our customers. Every customer must be in agreement with them before doing any transaction with us. In case of any disagreement do write us on emails mentioned on contact us page before placing the order. After the transaction it is understood that the customer has read all terms and is in agreement. Change in terms can take place any time with or without prior information to stakeholders depending on current market conditions and business scenario. We do inform about them if it is required.

Privacy Policy

We value our customer trust in the company and assure that their information is in safe hands. We insist upon high standards for secure transactions and customer privacy.

Our privacy policy is subject to change anytime with our without prior information, so keep watching this space to get latest and most updated policies.

Refund Policy

We do have a refund policy for customers in order to protect their payments and service deliveries. We follow 30 day refund policy for selected products in selected cases. Clients must request cancellation of product or service within 24 hour of getting the product delivered.

Here are few terms you must note about refund policy

Product delivered with more than 7 days of delay then mentioned in product description.

Product not delivered at all.

Different product delivered than ordered.

Customer has not used the product or service.

All refunds are processed, after company approval only depending on the kind of product or services used by the client. Processing fee along with product usage fee from the day of purchase is deducted from the total amount and then balance is refunded to client.

Un-Authorize use of services

In case of client using our services for illegal activities or anything that may harm any party financially, morally or by any other way and comes under criminal act of any type, company will have full authority to stop all the services immediately with or without informing client depending on severity of issue.

All clients must follow ethical practices using any service provided by us.

In case of violation, company is free to report this issue to local police authorities or any concerned person related to the case.